Fuchsia ‘Sherry Marie’

Fuchsia 'Sherry Marie'

Fuchsia ‘Sherry Marie’ is a small, upright, hardy fuchsia sporting lovely white and green variegated leaves tinged with pink. Bright pink and rose single blossoms emerge in summer. ‘Sherry Marie’ prefers part sun to shade.

I’ve found very little information on this particular cultivar. According to Fuschia Finder, it is difficult to propagate, so perhaps it isn’t widely grown. ‘Sherrie Marie’ is a sport of ‘Baby Ann’, which the Northwest Fuchsia Society lists as hard in our area, but I’ve also found resources showing that ‘Baby Ann’ is only hardy to Zone 9. Both ‘Sherrie Marie’ and ‘Baby Ann’ are locally selected and bred, which gives me hope that my specimen will make it through our winters.

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    Nursery Tag

    Upright to 1.5 feet.

    Gardener's Log

    06/2023: Planted 1, 1-gallon behind garage next to green laceleaf Japanese maple.

    Newly planted Fuchsia Sherry Marie in 2023

    Photo taken June 2023

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