Shade Grade: B

Evergreen, super hardy native fern. I give it a B+ because the horizontal fronds have a naturally "collapsed" look.

Deer Fern

Blechnum spicant

Since the deer fern is native and ubiquitous in this area, it’s a trooper and it flourishes while I ignore it. It tends to look a little trashed by the time late winter rolls around, but is easily refreshed by shearing the old fronds. The deer fern is unique in that it has two types of fronds, fertile erect and horizontal sterile ones. Looks great tucked into the mid-size boulders at the North Side Garden eastern steps.

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    Nursery Tag

    Needs shade, organic soil. Hardy to -20F

    Gardener's Log

    05/2011: Planted in rockery on the east edge of the North Side Garden.

    deer fern photo

    Photo by loarie

    deer fern photo

    Photo by UBCgarden