Beesia deltophylla

A relative newcomer to the US nursery trade, Beesia is a beautiful, glossy evergreen perennial or groundcover for the shade garden. The broad, heart-shaped leaves are reminiscent of ginger but much shinier and slightly bumpy. Airy white flowers emerge in mid to late spring.

Beesia is easy to divide, and I’ve propagated several clumps into various shady spaces in the garden. The best-performing clumps are in complete shade with almost year-round moist soil. I’ve tested a couple of sad specimens in dry, part-sun spaces, and although they have survived, the leaves are perpetually yellow and burned. This is definitely a shade-loving plant.

Companion Plants for Beesia

  • Shade Grade

Nursery Tag

Zones 6-8. Keep soild surface moist but not soggy. 18 to 24 inches tall and wide. Divide clumps every 2 years in early spring

Gardener's Log

07/2016: Sadly I did not date this plant tag in my binder, but I believe I first planted it in 2016, in the north side garden near the dirt room retaining wall.

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